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MDT Remixes Volume 1
ten year old (MDT Hit 'Em Wit' The Remix) - MySpace'd!
blizzard breaks (MDT Mash-Up - mc chris vs. Kurtis Blow)
boys don't cry (MDT's Effed Up Jazzy Mix)
hijack (MDT Suprise Mix)
ratz (MDT's Copyright Infringement Demo Mix)
illy oi! (MDT Ground and Up Mix)
celebrity overnight (Multi-Mix)
townie (MDT's Christmas is Coming Mix)
boys don't cry (MDT's Slap Bass Mix)
the invisible geek (MDT Remix - mc chris & Queen)
pw/om (MDT's Weird House-Ish Remix)
fett's vette (MDT's Clock Tick Mix)
boys don't cry (MDT Weird Trumpet Mix)
tractor beam (MDT's Robot Sex Mix)
variety/buzzsaw (MDT Dirty Vinyl Mix - mc chris and The Turtles)
tractor beam (MDT's Narcoleptic Mix)
stop time (MDT Crack of Dawn Mix)
ratz (MDT's Copyright Infringement Mix) - MySpace'd!
boys don't cry (MDT Weird Trumpet Mix Redux)
dirty harry/tractor beam (MDT Remix - Gorillaz and mc chris)

Album Cover:

Trace, Drawing and Lettering by MDT

mc chris - ratz (MDT Copyright Infringement Mix - Special End)
Nothing Special, Really... Cut From Compilation

Wiid is the Drug
mc chris - Wiid / Roxy Music - Love is the Drug
mc chris - wiid is the drug (MDT's Roxy Music Remix) - MySpace'd!... for about a week

Album Cover:

Photographer Unknown: If you are the photographer, e-mail me to get props.

Blastic Attack
mc chris - Blastic / Queen - Dragon Attack
Blastic Attack (Version 1) - Keyboard Intro
Blastic Attack (Version 2) - False Album Version Intro
Blastic Attack (Instrumental)
Blastic Attack (Version 1 Clean)
Blastic Attack (Version 2 Clean)

Album Cover:

Photographer: Smeg.

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